mimeograph.2: dm. arriving 5.3.11 on Toxic Shock Records.
  mimeograph.1: songs I sing to myself when I am sad is available NOW on iTunes. click the cover.

mimeograph.2 tracks are up! Never before heard penal colony tracks too!!!

I've made some tracks off of the forthcoming mimeograph.2: dm available for listening and download in the new aural section. I've also added a mismash of penal colony stuff, including the previously available tracks off of "5 Man Job", some remixes I've done in the past few years, and a smattering of tracks that appeared in out of print comps back in the day. Enjoy!



Earlier, I said Firefox wouldn't be a problem with my HTML5 audio player.  I was wrong.  It was a royal pain in the ass getting it to work.  I also found out that IE was a problem.  Everybody's fixed now.  Check it out!  Play and listen!  And if you haven't gotten it already, for gosh sake, get it now on iTunes!


Still more fun with HTML5

I wanted to have some sort of player on the main page, but wanted to avoid using flash if I could, so I made it my foray into HTML5.  I build a little player for checking out tracks off of mimeograph.1 from the home page.  Most of what I read seemed to indicate that I was going to have some trouble gettting it to work with FireFox, but it seems to be working fine.



yessir, 44.1k did the trick.  for your viewing pleasure.


Fun with YouTube

I've been trying to upload the "hypothalamus now!" vid from the penal colony "unfinished business" album all doggone day.  After trying and failing several times, turns out uploading video with 48k audio is a bad idea.  YouTube's encoder does something crazy with the time and doubles it.  Since they only allow 5 minute videos, a 7 minute video turns into 14 minutes, and it rejects it.  After trolling some forums, looks like converting the audio to 44.1k fixes the problem.  We'll see.